FOR GINNIE For Ginnie...

A daring, dependable warrior!

A courageous, creative mind!

A spirit of patience and passion!

A soul always gentle and kind!

Dear GINNIE your life painted pictures

Of friendship, acceptance and care,

So many were touched by your colours,

And each vibrant shade you did share.

In wisdom you gave and you nurtured,

You sacrificed all, and indeed all,

To humble yourself as a servant,

And live out your life to His call.

You graciously, gracefully journeyed,

Your heart was a beacon of light,

Which you shone out to others around you,

In steadfastness - radiant and bright!

You showed of yourself rare devotion,

To worship in freedom and joy,

To delight the heart of Yeshua,

And all of His ways to employ.

You ventured to push beyond boundaries;

You powerfully cast-off all doubt;

You threw off all man-made confinements;

And with purest of oil, you poured out.

Your gift in the visual art form

Of music and movement and dance,

Was soaked with a Kingdom anointing,

Which ever, will only advance......

A legacy lives on relentless,

Of moments, assignments and deeds,

Of missions and meetings and breakthrough,

And abundance of crop from your seeds.

Your life here reflected the beauty,

Of our Lord, the Messiah you served,

But now you will bask in His presence,

In your seat, that’s no longer ‘reserved’!

So, we’ll miss you dear Ginnie but know this,

Your faith-filled example won’t fade,

Just be sure to reserve us a place close to yours....

Now where rivers of glory cascade.

Amen. 26th Jan 2021