FOR Great Britain

David Noakes

First released in January 2021

Prophetic word received by David Noakes (23rd January 2021)

Beloved, I have spoken before, but how many have listened? Yet now I speak again to those who have ears to hear, who call themselves by my Name. Your nation is in great trouble and your national life is in disorder and ruins. Yet I listen in vain for voices of repentance.

There is anguish over the tens of thousands who have perished in the scourge of sickness which I have allowed to come upon you; yet hardly a thought is given to the millions of my unborn children whom I have created in the womb but whom you have killed before they have even come to the birth. Your nation is polluted with their innocent blood, yet you continue and even increase this unabated slaughter.

I honour those who strive to bring comfort and healing to those who are sick. I suffer with them in their exhaustion and despair; I weep with those who endure bereavement and separation and loneliness. I long to bring relief in the midst of this suffering.

O nation of Britain, turn back to me and be saved, for I am the only one with the power of life and death. You are placing your hope in the false god of Science to save you, but you will not succeed, for this enemy will return again and again, and only I can defeat it and bring an end to this suffering.

Where are your national church leaders in this hour of crisis? Where are those who have authority to counsel a call for the nation to turn to me and cry out for salvation in your helplessness? Where are those who style themselves with titles of leadership and wear robes of office, to whom your Queen may look for godly counsel?

I listen for them to speak the words of God, but I hear only empty mouthings to please the world which has turned away from me as Creator and Lord. Because of their silence, the blood of many will be on their hands when I call for an accounting.

They are in great peril, and they do not even know it, or they would repent and seek to lead the nation back to the ways of God. Beloved, you who know me, pray for these men and women who have accepted high office but walk in compromise with the world. Pray that they will seek me and turn to my ways.

Pray that they will have courage to speak my word and call your nation back to righteousness. For if there is no repentance and turning to me, increasing disaster will come upon the nation. Sickness will continue and increase, natural disasters will multiply, your economy will collapse beyond recovery, and your enemies will rub their hands and take advantage of your utter helplessness.

My heart is in anguish for you, for I have loved your nation and I desire to show mercy and to bless you once again. I desire to restore my hand of protection to you, but not unless you will turn back to honouring me and repent of your sin of blood-guiltiness.

Will you not, even at this late hour, turn back to me and be saved, for I long to show you my mercy and I shrink from allowing the terrible judgments which otherwise you will bring upon yourselves, reaping the results of all that you have sown..