Powerful poem about the millions of unborn.

The Millions Lost

Poems, sermons and pivotal teaching,

Prophecies, books and truth-filled preaching,

Decrees and songs and words from the throne,

For decades of church, yes, I have made known.......

That we should prepare for an ultimate fight,

For war and for battles, yes, darkness for light.....

Deception and tyranny, fear and control,

It’s a global grab for your freedom and soul.

Can you now look back over all that you’ve heard,

From My Spirit of Truth and the power of My Word,

From the platforms and meetings, and houses of prayer? .....

And see downloads of truth, as I’ve sought to prepare.

This season is that of which I have forewarned,

But not anymore! For the day has now dawned!

My fervent campaign meant to shape you ahead,

Is now pointing you back to all things I have said.

You may now have grasped all that I have revealed,

But now you must see all the weeds in the field!

Strangling and thwarting my perfect seed,

Subverting all good to a trans-human breed.

Powers and elites, deceivers and kings,

Pharmaceutical giants and the wearers of rings,

Secret, occultic, self-declared lords,

Have come for your life with their needle-like swords!

I’ve beseeched you to walk in My righteousness,

I’ve called you, My bride, into battle dress,

I’ve sounded alarms ringing loud to My church,

And I’ve all but renounced any comfortable perch.

I warned and I whispered, and strongly proclaimed,

That evil would surge and all earth would be shamed.

I fixed my attention on you My elect,

To show you what you should now see and expect.

I’ve given you details, throughout, in My Word.

Of society changed and confusion stirred,

Lies and untruths and freedoms curtailed,

As your choices and rights are impinged and assailed.

Why are eyes so blind to all I have foretold?

It’s blatantly clear through the Scriptures of old!

And this was not solely your portent and guide,

No, through many great men have I reached out and cried!!

But now it’s too late for great swathes of my sheep,

They’re compromised, comfortable, deaf and asleep,

So you, only you, that I know and I trust,

Are required to stand.... and stand now you must!

You know that My heart is aggrieved and in pain,

For all of the earth is awash with a stain,

It’s an endless, ceaseless tear to My heart....

And I will no longer let this be a part......

Of all I created, of all I have made,

I cannot allow this crime be unpaid,

It sickens Me, angers Me, wounds Me and more....

It now drives the plan that I lay at your door.

You must now repent of this innocent blood,

It’s thick and it’s deep on the ground where you’re stood,

The killing of babies, the slaughter of life,

Death in the womb, to the scissors and knife.

Casually murdered, dispensed with the waste,

Brutally chopped up, in trash bags encased!

And many are sold out for blood to consume,

Pinned down and defiled before torturous doom. ...

then bits are sold-on to a medical cause,

Genomics and science, re-writing My laws...

I will not stand back any longer and weep,

For now is the time, as you’ve sown, so you’ll reap!!!

Society’s bloodlust has rampaged your streets,

In your houses and homes and in lawmakers’ seats,

It’s a culture of horror, of murder of hate ....

So I show you this link....... ...then My people, I wait!

Will you repent and then make now this stand?

Will you cry out for the blood on the land?

Will you bring prayers for this heinous offence?

To atone for this crime that demands recompense!

My judgement is coming, that’s certain and sure,

And where things are right now, I have justly kept score,

But the evil at work is outplaying its hand,

And many now see what the enemy’s planned.

Just a while longer and more will be clear,

Transparent exposure will outweigh the fear...

And those that would seek Me, and search for what’s true,

Will be of the harvest that I promised to you.

But for now My hand has been stayed from this fight,

The sin of ‘the blood’, must now be put right....

It’s time that My hurt and My grief be addressed,

Yes the tears in My eyes and the pain in My chest.

I lay this before you, the millions lost,

The children not living... at trivial cost,

The laws you have made to kill the unborn,

Is an issue now full and a pivotal thorn.

What will you do now, My dear ones I love?

You seek My enabling and help from above,

But this must be answered before I respond.....

Will you touch now my tears as I watch from beyond?

I’m with you My dear ones, be bold, be strong!

Have no doubt in your mind, that to Me, you belong!

Grow courage and stand, grow light and shine,

Step out in the truth, for the victory is Mine!

Written by Juliet Dawn, 7th Dec 2021 … copyrighted (on the anniversary of the day that my son Elliott - whose life was fought for in the womb - died in our arms as we watched him return to Father)