By Juliet Dawn

No! No! No! ..and a million ‘no’s beside!

A million tears to follow in an ever flowing tide!

Our hearts can’t come to terms at all, with things that man has done,

And ALL our tears can’t cleanse it, and yet, I’m only one!!!

Oh God! How can You bear to look at such debauched disgrace?

Oh God! How can You love us, this fallen human race?

Oh God! How can You bear the stench of blackness beyond thought?

Oh God, this wicked evil must be wholly brought to nought!!

The slaughtering of babies; so innocent and pure,

This sanctity of human life; in high-regard no more,

Murdered, killed and brutalised before they’re fully born....

Stabbed, de-limbed and harvested, with body parts left torn.

This cannot be, this cannot be, oh God, this cannot be!!

But we have sown, much worse by far... how can You bear to see?

Not just aborted babies - in ways too cruel to know,

But God, with all our children.... the world has fallen low!!

My heart is grieved and sorrowed, my soul is wrought with pain,

To grasp what I have come to learn: ....this world has gone insane!!!

To know this vile and hellish filth is spilled out in all lands,

Oh God, how you’ve endured it.....I fail to understand!

And all this time, in ignorance, I’ve come and laid my prayers,

Repenting and complaining all my cares,

And You, so long, have known of this and grieved, on-high, alone.... .....

But now, oh Lord, we humbly come, to let our grief be known.

For every child abducted, and taken bound and chained,

For every one imprisoned, assaulted, drugged, restrained,

For each and every frightened soul, that’s tortured for their blood,

We come and say we’re sorry Lord, and pray a mercy flood.

For every child that’s snatched away or sold-out from their home,

To be enslaved and terrorised for pure adrenachrome,

For every one that’s held, condemned..... in places we won’t find,

We pray oh Lord, forgiveness for this blackness of mankind.

For each and every innocent who’s trafficked for abuse,

Sold for sex then dumped like trash - no longer any use!

For each and every single child whose future isn’t free.....

We come, oh Lord repentant, to make a prayerful plea....

But words do not come easy as they’re merely useless tools

To paint the filth and horror...How they’ve taken us for fools!

(but) My heart is deeply sickened and in grief I want to shout....

That Your Kingdom quickens Father, so this evil is put out!!

Indeed a great awakening is shaking earth and sky,

And things that were once secret, no more escape the eye!!

Hidden things are now exposed with evil on display,

Oh God that those who hate Your Word, would shun this wicked way!

My heart cries out the sin of man; we’re so, so sorry Lord!

My prayer is for the innocent; eternal peace assured!

My hope is for exposé, that Satan will be blamed!

And those with blood upon their hands will now be duly shamed!

Oh God we need Your Kingdom, your sovereignty and Your light,

We need the hand of Jesus, His unwavering, conquering Might,

We need the Holy Spirit for the harvest in this hour,

We seek a rich anointing and a download of Your power.

Oh God, You have a grievance with the human race You made,

We’ve reached the depths of Satan’s hell and a price should now be paid,

But love was drawn through Jesus and His payment made suffice,

May all who read this prayer know His eternal sacrifice!!

A time indeed is coming, it will not now be long,

When blackness will be wiped-out and joy will be our song,

Til then Lord, may our children, be protected from this plight....

And we serve until we see You, as Your Holy Bride - in white!!

Juliet Dawn - 26th August 2020