1st January 2022

New year rules have come to pass as this new year rolls in,

And that means all ‘old bets’ are off as the world gives way to sin.

There is no “back to normal”, there is no “as before”,

There’s just a twisted narrative and a firmly shut back door.

It will not ever be the same as life that we have known,

For gone is the familiar, as winds of change have blown!

There’ll be no safe and comfy seat from which to take a view,

For all the chairs were snatched away in a bid to trouble you.

And trouble sure comes beating, at your door and at your heart,

But you must choose to turn away and not to be a part,

For everything that now will come from those elite that rule,

Will not be born from any good and will take you as a fool.

Evil, spawned from minds of men now pledged as Satan’s seed,

Will be the only gameplay that is purposed and agreed,

A future planned for pure control, enslavement and for death,

They’ll take away, your liberty, your human rights, your breath......

Scorn, untruths and falsities dished up on top on lies,

Will be your daily serving for your soul, your ears, your eyes,

A masterclass in brainwash and a daily dose of fear.....

And if you’ve not perceived it yet... please welcome your new year!!!

It’s not about a virus, and never has it been!

It’s all-out smoke and mirrors, an agenda gone unseen!

Upset the world, control the mass and press the re-set switch.....

But they have not accounted for the waking, warrior glitch.

New rules indeed are coming... but not as would be laid,

For an army is awaking and be sure, they’re not afraid!

It’s an army of God’s people and their rules are NOT the same,

As the ones now called “restrictions” in this mass entrapment game.

New rules are very simple, we must follow Christ the Lord,

In spite of all the turmoil and whatever is endured,

We must trust in His outworkings and a plan to end man’s crime,

A sovereignty unwavering: the redemption of all of time.

He alone is able, and Truth will be revealed!

A victory already won, and the end already sealed,

A Kingdom preparation for the days when sin is dust,

And our Saviour is this author, and now cling to Him we must.


New rules are in for new year but they’re not on your TV,

Don’t read them in the paper, or on billboards you may see....

Just ditch old church-life settings and shake off the media chains....

We’ll take this year’s prescriptions, from The Lord, the One who reigns!!

Jan 1st 2022 - Juliet Dawn